Tasting Trendies

Beer Guide (TTBG) Course

The Tasting Trendies Beer guide (TTBG) course organized by Tasting Trendies is held in Prime House!


Tasting Trendies Beer Guide (TTBG) is a beer industry's evaluation guide that rates beer by the number of stars. The novelty is that the jury is called [TTBG Inspector] who has been well-trained by Mr. Tomy FONG, a renowned international beer judge in Asia, by taking the professional TTBG Inspector Program.

TTBG aims to create a guide book for users as a reference, especially for newcomers they have difficulty to pick up what they want because they don’t know much about craft beer, also confused by messy labels and so many different beer styles.


TTBG is a one day programme which includes a booklet for reference, test, etc. 

The knowledge regarding the production of the craft beer as well as the characteristics of different styles will be told during the course.

More excitedly, you can have a chance to be an inspector and learn how to evaluate craft beer systematically!

Programme Outline

Section One 

【 Introduction to Beer and Beer Industry 】

  • History of Beer 

  • New Definition of Craft Beer 

  • Brewing Ingredients and Equipment 

  • Brewing Process 


Section Two 

【 Tasting Techniques and Practices 】

  • The Best Tasting Temperature for Different Styles of Craft Beer 

  • Using “AFDF” to Judge the Qualities and Characteristics of Craft Beer Systematically 

  • How to Write Tasting Notes 

  • Practical Tasting: Introduce and Taste Common Craft Beer Style 

  • Important Notes when Rating (will be explained during practice) 

  • Tricks for Pairing Food with Craft Beer 



  1. Tasting Test: Blind tasting of 3 craft beer introduced. Candidates need to recognize their characteristics respectively, then draft tasting notes using AFDF. 

  2. Written Test: 20 multiple choices 


Instructor: Mr. Tomy Fong, the co-founder of Tasting Trendies and the first ‘Certified’ BJCP International Beer Judge from Hong Kong.


Fee: HK$2480

Discount: 10% off can be attained if the participants are in F&B/alcohol/hospitality industry

*Places are first-come-first-served.

Payment Method 

  1. Transfer to



     KSOARTS Ltd

  2. Send the copy of invoice                      clip to info@primehouselounge.co​

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Upcoming Programme

Date: 14th December 2019

Time: 10:00-19:00


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